The Men's Designer Swimsuit Site your link to the world of high fashion men's swimwear. Did you know the hottest men's swimwear fashion are being created in the USA. Skin tight spandex creations made to show off your body created by the most amazing crafts people and shipped world wide. The photos shown on this site are all from Koala Men's swimwear and as you can see some are more extreme than most folks could imagine and yet these designs are extremely popular at the hippest beaches all over the planet.

Let the men's designer swimsuit team help you find the perfect swimsuit. Are you ready to get rid of those huge baggy surf shorts and show off your body? Men should be doing what the girls have been doing for years and that is showing some skin, wearing swimwear that feels great and looking hot as hell.

You body deserves nothing less.

Shocking and seductive swimwear styles made in the USA.

Men's Designer Swimsuit

Extreme swimwear designs for daring men.

Bikinis, G-strings, Short Shorts, Thongs, Male transformation, Bulge pouch, Pouch only swimsuits and so much more.